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Torgeir Strisland
Strislandsveien 110
4525 Konsmo

My radio qth is 35 km north of my home town Mandal,at my farm /summerhome. Began with radio in 1967,at that time 27 mhz was where i started my hobbie . Later i got my ham ticket and better antennas and radio.Today my main station Ten Tec Orion 2 with ten tec 707 regal microphone.Amplifier Alpha 91b, antenna tuner from Drake, model MN-2700 2KW tuner.My antennas are ,4element 5 band 10-12-15-17-20m Cubex quad on a 30 feet boom,at about 18m,backup station is a Kenwood TS-870 with Amplifier Drake L-7 ,antenna 3 element stepp ir at a 18m tower. On lower band,still 80m loop doing the job 15 m over groundI am also active from my car,using Icom706 mrk2 g,and Hamstick monoband antennas,a Icom AH-4 tuner helps me in the car if swr gets to high, or i need more bandwid.Sometimes you can here me from the clubstation LA9K in Kristiansand .Dont send me E-QSL, prefere cards via buro .

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